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Exerpts from this article appeared in the LincolnJournal Star

Lincoln, Nebraska Kitchen remodels, bath remodels, home additions, decks and garages.

The Very Best of the Very Latest

The very latest products appear in trade journals long before they show up in Home Depot or Lowes. Of the many products recently introduced, here are our picks of the best, the interesting, the different and the unusual.

Docking Drawer

Design-Build Kitchen & bath remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: Docking Drawer Scott Dickey, president of JTech Solutions, credits his wife for the idea behind the Docking Drawer. The device allows cabinet makers to turn any drawer into a charging station for mobile devices. Plug in cell phones, tablets, audio players and e-readers into one of the two USB ports or protected duplex outlets and close the drawer. No more cord clutter, and no risk that these expensive devices might be accidently knocked off the counter or dresser. Now, why didn't someone think of this already?

For more information contact JTech Solutions.

Finally, A Clogless Drain?

Design-Build Kitchen & bath remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: PermaFlow Drain Proving that just when you think there is nothing clever left to invent, someone comes up with a product that is smart and innovative; the PermaFLOW self-cleaning p-trap eliminates most drain clogs by generating turbulence that keeps drains free of debris. But if it does clog, a manual wiper clears any debris. Lose a ring down the sink? The transparent PermaFLOW p-trap makes it easy to find and fish out. Goodbye Drano®, hello PermaFLOW. What will they think of next???
Watch the video or visit the web site .

More of the Very Latest …

Like the Big Guys …

We give our workers mono­gram­med coffee mugs …

Design-build kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, room additions and innovative decks in Lincoln, Nebraska: Not our coffee mug

… Just not ours.

What Our Clients Say:

Patty E., Lincoln, NE

I love my new kitchen! It is everything I dreamed it could be, and more … StarCraft came up with some amazing design ideas that have made my kitchen uniquely wonderful … I was very impressed with their creative designs, their excellent workmanship and I love the quality of my cabinetry.

Micki W., Grand Island, NE

Every builder claims to give a warranty. But where are they when something breaks? StarCraft got right on my tile problem and fixed it quickly, without any questions, and at no charge …

Catherine T., Lincoln, NE

… but the best compliment came from an architect friend of ours who commented that our new kitchen looked like it could be original to the house … Your ability to make a modern kitchen fit the period of our restored 1921 craftsman bungalow was awesome …

…Your workers were polite and professional. I like the fact that they cleaned up every day and took extraordinary pains to keep the construction mess out of the rest of my house.

Jean B., Lincoln, NE

StarCraft did a great job … My kitchen is beautiful and just like it looked in your designs. Thank you.
Fancy mugs cost money — money that we can use instead to keep our prices low and our work affordable.

We stay away from the frills — company t-shirts, monogrammed jackets, colorful billboards, fancy showrooms — they're just not us, not our style, not the way we do things.

Which is why, in our very unfancy office, you will see stacks of beautiful, colorful, monogram­med coffee mugs — not a single one of them ours.
We much prefer to put our money in our work. We build beautiful kitchens and baths, the very finest custom cabinets, high-tech home offices and home theaters, elegant decks, and additions of all kinds, efficient closet, and storage systems, hand-made, high-quality built-in furniture, sturdy garages and garden buildings of every size and kind.
And, we do it for less money than the Big Guys — you know, the ones with the fancy mugs — about 20% less on average. Our reputation for excellence, affordable high-quality workmanship and on-time, on-budget completion is second to none.
We have been on the Honor Roll of businesses accredited by the Better Business Bureau since the program began. We are an active member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
We take being professional very seriously.
So, whatever your remodeling plans, big, small or somewhere in between, we can help you design them and build them so you can afford them.

The Old House Specialists

We love old houses, and it shows in our work. We respect the craftsmanship and painstaking detail, the fine mouldings and woodwork, and the hand-made doors and windows. Old houses are a big part of our national heritage — representing whole historical eras and a truly massive investment in energy and resources much too precious to be just cast away.
An old house is not just shelter. It is living history with its own personality, quirks and foibles. It groans in the winter wind, sighs in the summer sun. It sags a little here and a little more there, so nothing is ever quite straight or square or perfect.
Unlike the new McMansions and look-alike tract colonials, it has a legacy of character and charm. None of us can imagine living anywhere else — squeaky floors, sticky sashes and all, because with these little quirks come 100-year-old sycamores and lush, mature gardens in neighborhoods where being neighborly is just how things have always been.
Over many years we have become the experts at remodeling and updating period kitchens and bathrooms, and even entire houses, while preserving the feel, the style, the old-time craftsmanship and the spirit of the bygone era during which the house was built. We can seamlessly incorporate a modern kitchen, bath or addition into your period home while making it look as though it was always a part of your house. We are the masters at squeezing the very last ounce of functionality out of under-size kitchens and tiny baths, of reorganizing closet storage to hold twice as much in the same footprint, and of designing additions that look like they were a part of your house from the day it was built.
Our designers can create just the right look and feel for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, and our stylists can help you with colors, materials and textures suitable for the era of your great old home.
So, whether your home is a classic Victorian, a folksy Craftsman bungalow or a comfy post-war cottage, we can help you preserve it, enlarge it; modernize and update it; without sacrificing the very special look and feel you fell in love with in the first place.

Your Design/Build Partner

We are full-service design-builders. We do more than just build with a marriage of careful old-time workmanship and the most up-to-date techniques; we can also help you turn your ideas for your home into a plan that fits both your needs and your pocketbook.
Design-building is a partnership. You have the ideas, we have the experience, know-how and technologies required to turn those ideas into a beautiful, livable space.
Our Design Service features the very latest architectural CAD software that allows us to plan your kitchen, bath or addition and show you in full-color, photo-realistic images what it will look like when it is finished.
You can view it from any angle, get a detailed look at any feature, and examine it from every imaginable perspective.
Why guess? Make sure you love it before we build it.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management Service relieves you of the burden of supervising and managing a complex building project and places the responsibility and the risk where it ought to be — in the hands of trained and experienced professionals.
A number of independent university studies have shown that the coordinated, comprehensive design-build process can save you from 6% to 40% over the conventional construction process.
We have honed our skills over more than thirty years of commercial and residential building and remodeling experience. We keep up with the latest techniques, use the most advanced machine tools and the newest engineered materials. But we are also intimately familiar with fine hardwoods and the old hand-crafting tools: frame saws, scratch beads, spoke shaves, jack planes, and molders. We can produce any look from the most high-tech ultra-modern home office to an exact copy of great-grandma's armoire.
Our craftsmanship and experience ensure that when we're done, it will be precisely as you imagined it could be.

Contact Us to Get Started

So please enjoy our web site. We have tried to make it as interesting and informative as possible. It contains a wealth of information for the beginning remodeler as well as the savvy veteran, including a growing number of original remodeling articles written by seasoned remodeling professionals that we believe will help you design and plan your new kitchen, bath, or addition. Other articles provide an in-depth insight into the issues involved in building decks, garages, closets and storage, and built-in furnishings. We hope you find them worth reading.
We have no sales manager, we have no sales-people. Anyone you talk to in our company is a hands-on, veteran construction professional with many years of experience who will be happy to work with you to make your remodeling dream come true.
So, if you are thinking about remodeling or just have some questions, contact us. We'd love to tell your more about our work over a cup of pretty-good coffee.
Just don't expect a fancy mug.

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