Bathroom Planning Questionnaire

Thank you for considering StarCraft Custom Builders for your bath remodeling project.  Our computerized design process will help you develop a special bathroom that is uniquely your own. The design process begins with the following questions concerning your current bathroom, design ideas and lifestyle.  Then, we ask you to answer questions about what you would like to remove, change, or add to create your dream bath.  Finally, we recognize how important the decision to remodel your bath is, which is why we help guide you through the budget process, discussing various options available to you.

In the sections ahead we'll cover the following areas:

General Information:  Tell us what you like and dislike about your current bathroom, how you use it now and how you would like to use it after remodeling.

Fixtures:  Identify your fixture; are you going to reuse your existing fixtures or replace them?

Cabinets:  Describe in some detail your cabinet preferences, including wood species, door and drawer profile, and finish options.

At StarCraft Custom Builders, we are totally committed to helping you enjoy your remodeling experience and to create the bath of your dreams that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

The average time required to complete this form is 22 minutes.

Contact Information

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Your Family and Lifestyle

Information about your family, its size and composition; the age and structural condition of your existing bath and how it is used.
1. Number of adults in your household?
2. Number of children in your household?
  Age range of children (if none, leave blank). to
3. Does anyone have a physical limitation that may require structural accommodation? If so, please describe the limitation.
4. What time of day is the bathroom most likely to be used?
5. On average, how long does each user stay in the bath? Minutes

Your Existing Bathroom

Information about your exising bathroom and how you use it. If you are adding a new bath rather than remodeling or enlarging an old one, check "no" below, and skip to the next section.
Do you plan to remodel or enlarge an existing bathroom?
1. What do you hate about your existing bath?
2. What do you like about your existing bath?
3. How old is your house? Years
4. How many years ago was the bathroom last remodeled? Years
5. Are there mold or mildew problems with your existing bath? No Yes Don't Know
6. How many bathrooms do you have now (include only rooms with bathtubs or showers)?
7. How many powder rooms do you have? (include only rooms without bathtubs or showers)?
8. How would you describe the size of your current bath? Very Small Small Medium Large Very Large
9. Do you need to enlarge the existing bathroom? More Information
10. How would you rate the overall condition of the bath to be remodeled?
11. How many family members use this bathroom as their primary bathroom?
Is this going to change?

Your New/Remodeled Bathroom

Information about your preferences for your new bath. Some of the terminology may be unfamiliar to you. If you don't understand the question, or have not yet decided on an answer, just leave it blank. Remember, "Don't know yet" or "Need more information" are always perfectly acceptable answers.
1. What are the primary reasons you want to remodel your bath? (Check all that apply)
  More Information
2. The new bathroom is best described as a ...
3. What activities will take place in the bathroom? (Check all that apply)

4. What is your overall decorating theme?

5. How would you describe your overall color pallette?
6. What will be the color of your fixtures (toilet, tub, sink)?
7. What faucet finish do you have in mind? More Information
8. What tub/shower configuration have you decided on?


If no bathtub, skip this section
9. Are you going to keep your existing bathtub? (If "yes", skip to question 16.)
10. What is your preferred bathtub style?  More Information

(Please Describe):
11. What is your preferred bathtub material? More Information
  (Explain it to me)
12. What material do you prefer for protecting the wall above the tub?
   (Explain it to me)

13. For splash protection, do you prefer...
   (Explain it to me)

(If no separate shower, skip this section) More Information
14. What is your preferred shower material?
   (Explain it to me)

15. Does the shower need to be curbless for wheelchair access?
16. For shower splash protection, do you prefer...
  (Explain my options)

Sinks and Lavatories
17. Are you going to keep your existing sink(s)? (If "yes", skip to question 23.)
18. How many sinks do you want in the bathroom?
19. What is your preferred sink style?  More Information

20. Is your current bathroom storage adequate?
21. What additional storage do you need?
22. Do you want to add any of the following? (Check all that apply)
Linen Cabinet
Linen Closet
Medicine Cabinet
Toilet Topper
Recessed In-Wall Cabinet
23. Are you going to keep your existing flooring? (Explain my options) (If "yes", skip to question 29.)
24. Select your flooring preference.  More Information

25. Do you want to consider underfloor heating?  (Explain it to me)
26. Will you need new cabinets? (If "no", skip to "Timeline and Budget".)
27. What general cabinet style do you have in mind?

28. What cabinet door and drawer material do you prefer?
29. What door style do you like best? What's this?

30. If you selected a beaded or panel door style, what is your preferred panel style? More Information
31. Please elect your preferred door/drawer overlay. What's This?
32. What is your preferred cabinet type? What's This?
33. What is your preferred counter top material? More Information

Your Timeline and Budget
To help us schedule your design and fit your design to your budget, please give us an idea of how much you expect to spend and when you expect to start your remodeling. There is absolutely no point in designing a bathroom that is beyond your budget or outdated by the time you begin the project.
1. What is your expected bathroom remodeling budget? $
2. When do you plan on remodeling your bathroom?
3. If you will also remodel other rooms or build an addition or bump-out at the same time as your bath remodel, please describe this additional work:

Additional Information
If you have requirements that were not addressed in this questionnaire, or you have any questions, please write them here.

Form Review
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1. How easy was this form to complete?
2. How easy was this form to understand?
3. How easy was it to follow the form layout?
4. Were there any terms or expressions used in the form that you did not understand or for which the explanation was inadequate?
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5. Were there anything we should have asked about, but did not?
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6. Did you find any broken links? No   Yes Please explain»
7. How long did it take to complete the form?   Minutes

Thank you for helping us improve this form.

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