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You have done all your home­work. You have a pretty good idea of what you want in your new bath. You have read all about designing and planning your new bath and know what you need to know about cabinets, counter tops, flooring, lighting and the basic rules of bathroom design. You understand the construction process and have a budget in mind. You are prepared to live with the temporary inconvenience of a major remodeling project.

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You need to learn as much as you can about remodeling a bathroom. You, after all, are the primary bath designer. All the professional does is refine your ideas into a workable plan. The smarter you are about bath design, the better your bathroom will be.

The articles listed below were written by our kitchen and bath design staff to help you learn what you need to know about kitchens. These have been widely reprinted on many other web sites, but here are the very latest revisions of the originals. Take the time to read about the many interwoven elements of a well-designed bathroom. And, to complete your education, see our complete articles index.

Duravit This handsome and functional guest bath was built at one end of a 48-inch hallway. Wall-hung fixtures make the floor space look much larger than it really is

For more good reading, check out the StarCraft Custom Builders' complete articles index.

Per square foot, your bathroom has more equipment than any other room in your house. Itís expensive space, and every inch counts. This is increasingly true today as bathrooms are required to do more than ever before. Fitting it all in during a bathroom remodel is no simple task.

The Changing Role of Today's Bathroom

The role of the bathroom is changing rapidly. The importance of the bath in our homes has grown dramatically just in the past 20 years. Spacious rooms, closeted toilets, double bowl lavatories, whirlpool tubs, and large walk-in showers have found their way into our homes. No longer just a functional room, the bath is becoming a luxury retreat. Purely utilitarian functions of bathrooms are now being relegated to small cubicles. Toilets are housed in separate enclosures; tubs, showers, and lavatories are placed in distinct areas.

As a culture, we are in the process of transforming the bath from a purely functional space into an opulent private retreat. To many homeowners, baths have become "morning" or "evening" rooms. The average bathroom in new housing has tripled in size over past quarter century. Boundaries between master bedroom and master bath are dissolving. The bath blends into a dressing area that seamlessly merges with the sleeping area. Meanwhile new equipment is moving in. Exercise machines, personal spas, televisions, telephones, audio equipment, and even fireplaces are being are being introduced into the bathing area.

Bedrooms and baths now form a kind of inner-sanctum where people can indulge themselves in the lap of luxury. The bath is becoming our private sanctuary — a place to get away from it all.

The Small Bathroom Remodeling Specialists

Unfortunately, our houses do not automatically adapt to these new trends. And, those of us who still own the home we bought 20 years ago probably still have that old, tired, well-used bathroom squeezed between two bedrooms and the stairs.

It's not that we would not like to own one of those new, spacious, designer baths featured in all the bathroom remodeling magazines and on television home improvement shows. It's just that those expansive flourishes of Italian marble, porcelain plumbing fixtures by the square yard, and as much sparkling chrome as a '58 Cadillac grill all have to have someplace to go, and we just don't have the floor space.

And, if we did happen to have an unused 200-300 square feet of space sitting around, we probably have better use for the $40,000 it would cost. We are, after all, Nebraskans. And, although we like beautiful living spaces as much as the next guy, this is one place in the world where common sense still tends to prevail — at least most of the time.

Still, you don't have to settle for a dysfunctional and ugly bathroom. In a bathroom remodel, a whole lot can be done with even a very small room. And, there are ways of finding more bathroom space if you know where to look.

That's where we can help. We know that most of our clients do not have the floor space required for a grand "designer" bath. So we have become the small bath specialists — using imagination, ingenuity and creativity to pack more design, more features and more utility into less room. We know how to plan and build distinctive bathrooms that conform to all of the accepted design rules, building and safety codes.

Most importantly, we know how to remodel bathroom so they are affordable using painstaking design, cost-saving construction practices and careful substitution of less expensive alternatives that will still give you that special look and feel that is uniquely yours.

We will work with you through a three-step design process to merge your ideas and lifestyle with the available space and structural requirements into a design that meets both your needs and your budget; guiding you through the myriad of choices available for your new bathroom, and helping select the right products and materials for your pocketbook.

Our Plain English, Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee our workmanship. And, we back up that guarantee with written warranties: a warranty on our cabinets for as long as you own your home, and everything else for a full three years. Compare that to the skimpy one-year limited warranty offered by our competition.

Our promise is very simple: if any defect in our workmanship is discovered at any time during the warranty period, we will fix the problem at no cost to you. We could not make it simpler. No other remodeling company that we know of has this much faith in the quality of its work. We promise to do it right, and we stand behind that promise. .

A Bath That Reflects Your Unique Style

Our common-sense, adaptive design and building practices result in bathrooms that are precisely fitted to our clients.

Every bathroom we build is unique. We do not build cookie-cutter bathrooms. We never ask our clients to adjust to a bath that does not quite fit because it is the only one we can buy from our preferred cabinet or fixture supplier. We don't use stock factory cabinets, so we are not restricted to the stock sizes and limited menu of features that most factories offer. We make out own cabinets out of any wood, in any style, and in any size needed; and as far as accessories and organizer go — if it is made someplace in the world, we can get it, and if it's made out of wood, we can probably make it.

All of our cabinets are custom made and custom fitted to you, your bathroom space, and your life style. But, even with all of this customization, our prices are usually lower than those charged by big lumber stores for their standard factory-built cabinets. How can we do that? Our low-overhead approach and local Nebraska cabinet shop means we don't have to add the cost of an expensive showroom or cross-country shipping to the price of our cabinets.

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If you are not quite ready yet, take a look at the list of articles below. This is a just a few of the many remodeling articles we have on our award-winning web site to help you get started. Even more articles are listed in our Index to Articles.

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Bathroom Remodeling — Some Basic Reading

Don't miss any of the articles listed below on this page. Each one has been written by one of our expert designers or remodelers and contains the distillation of years of bathroom remodeling experience and know-how. You must become a minor expert on bathrooms. Before you sit down with us to work through a bath remodeling plan, you should have a very clear idea of the look you want to create, the features you want to include, and the space you have to work with. The articles run the entire gamut of design issues: cabinets, fixtures, flooring, lighting and more, much more.

For a complete list of articles on this web site, visit our Index to Articles, or use the site search utility below. When you are ready, contact us and we'll get started designing your special bath.
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