Globe Union Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 05/23/21

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Globe Union USA
2500 Internationale Parkway
Woodridge, Illinois 60517
(888) 328-2383
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4610 Bois Franc
Montreal, QC H4S 1A7
(800) 487-8372
Globe Union Industrial Corp., Ltd.
No. 22, Chien-Kuo Road
Taichung Export Processing Zone
Tanzih District
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Kitchen, Bath, Prep, Bar, Laundry & Utility Faucets
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This Company In Brief

Globe Union is now an international manufacturer and one of the world's largest ODM/OEM suppliers of plumbing and sanitary products to other companies, operating over 5 million square feet of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution facilities located on three continents and in nine countries. Its products are marketed through a dozen or so company brands worldwide and scores of private brands. The publicly-traded company, controlled by the Ou-yang Ming family and headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan but manufacturing in China.

Founded in 1979 as a plumbing products and sanitary wares distributor, Globe Union is now an international manufacturer and one of the world's largest suppliers of plumbing and sanitary products to other companies, operating over 5 million square feet of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution facilities located on three Continents and in nine countries. Its products are marketed through a dozen or so company brands worldwide and scores of private brands. The publicly traded company, controlled by the Ou-yang Ming family, is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan but its manufacturing facilities are in China.

Its faucets are made primarily in mainland Chinese factories by its subsidiary Shenzhen Globe Union Industrial Corp. Over 90% of its products are exported to the United States and Europe. In the United States and Canada, the company sells under the trade names listed in Table 1.

Table 1:
Globe Union Trade Names in North America

Corrego: An economy Globe Union faucet brand that was being phased out as recently as 2009 but has been revived as an in-house faucet brand for Costco stores.
Danze: Globe Union's premier brand in the U.S. since 2000. Sold as H+C Waterware in Costco and on some discount internet venues.
Eurostream: Globe Union's line of mid-priced faucets sold primarily in Canada.
Gerber: Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corp. was an American manufacturer of sanitary ware founded by Max Gerber in 1932. Its assets were purchased by Globe Union in 2003, and the company reorganized as Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC with Globe Union as majority shareholder.

Globe Union is the Moen of Asia. It manufactures faucets at almost all price points from world-class high style faucets for intended for discount venues such as Costco and Sam's club.

Its flagship North American brands are which seems to be localized to Canada with its own Canadian website.

introduced to the U.S. in 2000, is the brand under which Globe Union has grown a name for itself in the U.S. faucet and decorative fixture market. It has been a tremendous success after several false starts and marketing disasters that would have defeated most companies. At very least one must admit that Globe Union has both grit and staying power. And, if those qualities are not worrying its competition, then the competition is not paying close enough attention. Danze has grown to impressive proportions in a little over a dozen years with hundreds of brick and mortar retailers and a strong internet presence.

The brand has been so successful, in fact, that Globe Union appears to have decided to throw all of its considerable marketing muscle behind Danze and phase out other, less successful brands.

We can no longer find Amerstream faucets anywhere, although its showers are still available. Plumbers Collection, initially banished to e-Bay, has disappeared entirely in North America, although Globe Union still owns the trade name. Brands such as Corrego and Water Ridge are now for sale only by discounters: Corrego is sold by Sam's Club, and Water Ridge by Costco, although both brands occasionally appear on e-tail venues such as Amazon and e-Bay.

Other Globe Union faucet brands have been merged into the dominant Danze line. The former was disbanded by Globe Union in 2012 after selling its Door Hardware division to Schlage Locks along with the right to the Fusion brand name. All Fusion faucets, including Bella Villa, Colonial Crest, River Rock, Sonoma, South Beach, St. Charles, Samui, Lilly, and Bordeaux, were taken over by Danze. Many of these appeared for a while at deep discounts from internet retailers, then disappeared entirely as existing supplies were exhausted. Fusion faucets are still supported by Globe Union, including parts replacement under warranty.

Table 2:
Globe Union ODM/OEM Faucets
Brand Name Company
B&K Mueller Industries, Inc.
Belle Foret, Schone Brass Works World Imports, Inc.
Chicago Faucets Chicago Faucet Co., Inc.
Elkay Elkay Manufacturing Company
Franke Franke Kitchen Systems, Ltd.
Incesa Standard American Standard Brands
Kraus Kraus USA
Lefroy Brooks Lefroy Brooks, Inc.
Luxart, Mainline Hajoca Corporation
MintCraft Orgill, Inc.
Mirabelle, ProFlow Ferguson Enterprises
Peerless Delta Faucet Co.
Toto Toto USA, Inc.
Uberhaus RONA (Canada)

Still, other Globe Union brands have more or less disappeared in the U.S. but are still sold in other places. for example, is rarely seen in the U.S. except for sale by internet discounters but is sold widely in Canada.

Globe Union is one of the dominant faucet manufacturers in Asia under its GOBO brand which it introduced in 1985 in Taiwan, and to mainland China in 1994.

The company has grown in size and enlarged its capacities through strategic acquisitions. Its first purchase, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures in 2003, paralleled its acquisition of the state-owned Milim G&G Ceramics Co., Ltd. from the Chinese government. Milim took over most of Gerber's U.S. manufacturing — and the union jobs that went with it — resulting in several lawsuits that Globe Union either won or settled and a blast of bad publicity for the company.

Globe Union kept the well-regarded Gerber brand name and Gerber's extensive North American distribution network. Gerber now has manufacturing facilities in Laredo, Texas; Shenzhen, China; and Weifang, China and distribution centers in Bridgeton, N.J.; Woodridge, Illinois; City of Industry, California; Montreal, Canada; and Weifang, China. Gerber sells faucets under the Gerber name but as far as we can tell, these are merely rebranded faucets from Globe Unions other faucet lines.

In 2004 the company bought Lenz Badkultur GmbH & Co. KG. in Iserlohn, Germany, which gave Globe Union entrée into the European market under the well-established Lenz name. PJH Group, a leading European supplier of bathrooms, kitchens, and appliances in the U.K. was acquired in 2007, further extending the company's reach in the European Union. PJH distributes Globe Union faucets under the Prima, Apple Studio and "K" brands. The purchase of Union Precision Industrial Corp., Ltd., also in 2007, expanded the company's manufacturing capacity in China.

Table 3:
Globe Union Private Label Faucets
Name Retailer/Distributor
AquaSource, L.G. Sourcing and Allen Roth faucets Lowes
Corrego Sam's Club
H+C Waterware, Water Ridge Costco Wholesale
Ikea faucets Ikea Sweden
Aquadyne, Pegasus, Glacier Bay Home Depot USA, Inc.
Do-it Best Faucets Do It Best Corporation
Oakbrook Ace Hardware
Premier Interline Brands, Inc (Now a Home Depot company)

In addition to its proprietary worldwide brands, Globe Union makes faucets for many other faucet companies, including (See a more complete list in Table 2.)

It also provides faucet parts and components to among others.

The company supplies dozens of store-brand faucets for large retailers. Table 3 shows no more than a partial list, which shifts constantly and is probably already inaccurate at the time you read this.

Globe Union has somewhat of a checkered history and has not always obeyed the rules. It has been accused several times of counterfeiting faucets from other companies and had to settle with Faucet for pirating Delta's patented ball valve technology or face an International Trade Commission order banning its products from the U.S. But, it has matured as an international trading partner in the past twenty years

The company is now very meticulous at ensuring that its faucets comply with the laws and regulations applicable to each host country in which it does business. In the U.S. and Canada, its faucets are certified to comply with all plumbing standards and are accepted by all U.S. and Canada plumbing codes. All Globe Union faucets are also certified lead-free under the very rigorous standard required by the Safe Drinking Water Act as of 2014 and may be sold or leased in Canada and "introduced into commerce" in the U.S. The faucets also comply with the separate lead-free laws of Maryland, Louisiana, Vermont and California and may be sold and installed in those states.

Initially, Globe Union warranty and parts support was spotty and poorly organized. Through 2005 we received buckets of complaints about not being able to get post-sale customer support and warranty assistance. The big problem was no one knew where to call for support, and when they did finally contact customer support, the quality of the support was iffy at best. Our favorite anecdote was the plumber who very carefully identified the faucet parts he needed to fix a broken Danze lavatory faucet and received most of a shower through the mail.

But, Globe Union grimly faced the slings and arrows head-on, and doggedly set about making things better. Danze now supports its faucets and other products as well as any company selling faucets in North America with a well-organized, well-trained U.S.-based parts and warranty service located in Illinois. Since opening the U.S. center, earlier parts and warranty support problems seem to have largely disappeared. In our last series of tests, Danze customer service scored well for wait times, promptness of response, and product knowledge.

We now assess Globe Union customer service as very good to excellent — approaching the level of Delta and Moen, the acknowledged customer service leaders in the faucet industry. The Better Business Bureau, which for years condemned Globe Union's complaint handling, agrees with our assessment, grading Globe Union A+, the highest score possible, based on having received not a single complaint about the company for three years.

Globe Union not only supports its own brands but also the house brands it provides to other retailers, so a call to customer support for many Home Depot faucets sold by Lowes is likely to connect you to a Globe Union representative. So far as we can tell, the support for these house brand faucets is just as capable as support for the Globe Union proprietary brands.

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Globe Union faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.