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Updated: 11/07/17
Design Investors WW Acquisition Company, LLC
d/b/a Waterworks Operating Co., LLC
60 Backus Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 546-6000



Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska:  Waterworks Faucet Review and Rating: French Flag

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Finishes5 Years2
Proof of PurchaseRequired

1. "[A]s long as the original purchaser... continues to own and maintain the residence where the products are initially installed."
2. Some finishes are limited to a two year warranty.
2. Body, spout, hoses, etc.

This Company In Brief
Waterworks sells upscale faucets as part of extensive collections of sanitary fixtures, accessories and furnishings through authorized showrooms. Most faucets are designed by Waterworks and manufactured by THG in its plant in Picardy, France.

Organized in 1976 by Robert and Barbara Sallick, until 2009 the company was a family owned business composed of a collection of several legal entities. Waterworks IP Co., LLC owns all of the trade marks and patent rights, including the Waterworks and Waterworks Studio trade names and Waterworks Operating Company LLC operated the business of designing and selling bath, kitchen and bar collections. In 2009 the holding company that owns all of these various entities, Waterworks Holdings, LLC was purchased by an investment group, Design Investors WW Acquisition Company, that included the company's current CEO and son of the founders, A. Peter Sallick. In 2016, Design Investors was in turn purchased by an upscale home decor retailer in an acquisition reported to have been worth $119 million.

The company markets design collections that include faucets, but also any other fixture or accessory you can think of, right down to the ceramic tile, towels, floor mats and even lotions and bathrobes. Waterworks sells through 15 authorized show rooms in the U.S. and U.K. where trained designers can help you create a coordinated Waterworks suite for your bathroom, kitchen or bar. But, if you live in a part of the world that does not have a showroom, the company will sell direct, but prefers to work with your decorator.

Restoration Hardware (now just RH) owns 85 showroom stores (which it calls "Design Galleries") as well as six internet sites and 28 outlet stores as of the date of this report and is still expanding. Waterworks will certainly benefit from the almost instant expansion of its retail exposure as its wares are added to RH outlets.

There has been no indication of any merger of Restoration Hardware's own collection of upscale faucets into the Waterworks lineup, and current Waterworks management will stay in place at least for the immediate future.

Most of the company's faucets are manufactured by in its plant in Picardy, France. THG is a well-known faucet manufacturer in its own right, and sells its diverse collections of very up-scale faucets, fixtures and accessories in the U.S through THG-US. It also sells Waterworks faucets outside of North America as one of its many collections, which it calls the Waterworks Collection and describes as faucets in the "New York" style. So, if you want a Waterworks faucet in France or Germany, you buy it through THG. Israel's Hamat Sanitary Fittings & Castings manufactures one faucet for Waterworks: the WWKM13-Odeon Kitchen Faucet.

For its accessories and other fixtures the company sources far and wide. Among its many suppliers are
  • American Standard Brands for toilets, lavatory sinks, and two models of bathtub.
  • Diffusion Ceramique of France for ceramic tile.
  • Ekom Eczacibasi Dis Ticaret of Turkey for ceramic sanitaryware. Eczacibasi also manufactures for Kohler's upscale designer company, Kallista.
  • Eke Tekstil Konfeksiyon Turizm Sanayi Ve Ticaret A S also from Turkey for towels and bathrobes.
  • Drummonds, Ltd. of Poland for bathtubs.
  • Kiswok Industries Pvt of Japan for sanitary fittings.
  • Rak Ceramics of the United Arab Emirates for Sanitary ware.
  • Wetter Ltd. of the Peoples Republic of Vietnam for laquerware and furniture.
  • A & J Gummers of England for shower valves. Gummers is a part of the Bristan Group which is owned by Masco, the giant U.S. faucet and sanitary wares manufacturer.
The design vision for the company is mostly internal, coordinated by creative director David Schaefer. Most of the faucet designs are unique and striking, but a surprising number are pedestrian — not unlike she styles found in almost any mid-priced faucet line. The company has begun to use outside design talent. The design firm of Roman and Williams, for example, has recently unveiled two new fin de siecle collections for Waterworks based on late 19th century forms.

If the company's standard collections are not exclusive enough for your upscale home, five-star hotel or Vegas casino, the Waterworks Studio, will design a one-of-a-kind faucet just for you.

Waterworks offers 17 standard finishes of which 11 are available for quick shipping ins "as little as four weeks", but more often six to 8 weeks. Gold, or Matte Gold require an even longer lead time. All finishes are guaranteed for five years except Architectural Bronze, Carbon, Gold, or Matte Gold which are warranted for two years.

The company provides full support for the faucets it sells, including parts replacement and warranty service. The consumer experience with this company has been very good overall. The faucets themselves have very few problems, and the company's customer support is capable. However, a few consumers have noted that showroom staff can be "opinionated, unaccommodating and surly."

Wateerworks guarantees the mechanics of its faucets "for as long as the original purchaser or initial homeowner continues to own and maintain the residence where the products are initially installed." Finishes, however, are guaranteed for 5 years at most — specified finishes for just two years. The warranty is not transferable to a subsequent owner of the faucet. Because the finish warranty is for less than a "lifetime", this warranty is sub-standard for the North American market in which the standard warranty guarantees cartridges, other critical mechanical parts, and all finishes (except ) for as long as the original buyer owns the faucet.

These faucets are indecently expensive, as befits something manufactured by THG, faucets and handles are priced separately and anything but a standard finish can drive the price straight into the ionosphere. The company's prices are at or just shy of "if you need to ask, you can't afford it." Like Sherle Wagner, Waterworks is not a faucet company for the budget-conscious. French made faucets loosely similar to Waterworks styling include

We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Waterworks faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or leave a comment below.