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Updated: 2/15/15

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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: DXV Faucet Review and Rating: USA Flag

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Founded in 1945, the company is an interior designer's paradise that sells bath fixtures, faucets and bath accessories; lighting, furniture, textiles, linens, wall coverings and cabinet and door hardware, all designed to complement each other for a completely consistent interior ensemble.

Bath faucets are just a small part of the company's offerings, but they are very good faucets: assembled, finished and polished in the company's Fall River, Massachusetts plant. The company does not make most of its own faucet components, but rather buys them from Seagull Kitchen and Bath which also supplies many of Pfister's components. But, the decorative hardware components are designed by the company and made to its exacting specifications. Facets are made to order, so lead times can be long.

These faucets are unblushingly luxurious and priced to match. Typically, components are priced separately, so after adding the body, handles and trim of choice, the price can easily reach several thousand dollars. There is a reason the company's show rooms are located in places where the richest 1% of Americans live. It's not absolutely required that you own six Rolls Royces to buy a Sherle Wagner faucet, but it does not hurt at all.

The faucets are in three traditional collections: all metal, metal with porcelain accents, and metal with semi-precious stone accents. There is also a new architectural collection that features more contemporary styling, a major departure from the company's steadfastly traditional and transitional styling history.

The factory in Fall River employs as many artists and artisans as machinists. Intricate hand decoration is a signature feature of many of the company's sanitary-ware products. The faucet finishes are plated, typically in gold. The newer PVD finishes are not offered. But, the polishing that goes into many of its intricately detailed faucets is an art unto itself, and something to see. No photograph could possibly do justice to the deep, lustrous finishes.

Sherle Wagner faucets are certified as meeting all of the standards required of faucets sold in North America, but are not on file with the Department of Energy as required by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. The are legal for sale in Canada, but may not be lawfully "distributed in commerce" in the U.S.

If the look of resolute and unqualified luxury is your goal, this is a faucet line to consider along with

Sherele Wagner faucets are designed, engineered, assembled, decorated, quality controlled and given their fabulous finishes in the U.S. But, most of Sherele Wagner's faucet components are imported.

One of our designers owns one, and it cost more than his pickup. Of course, his beater of a truck is worth money only if the gas tank is full.

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