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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: Glacier Bay Faucet Review and Rating

Updated: 09/07/17
The Home Depot
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Glacier Bay


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: Glacier Bay Faucet Review and Rating
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: Glacier Bay Faucet Review and Rating
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: Glacier Bay Faucet Review and Rating
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska: Glacier Bay Faucet Review and Rating

Warranty Score: Warranty Stars
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1.  "The faucet "will be leak and drip free during normal use...." for the lifetime of the buyer". The term "lifetime" is not defined and would, therefore, be given its normal meaning: the actual lifetime of the buyer.
2.  Body, spout, hoses, etc.
3.  The warranties appear to vary from faucet to faucet, so read the one that comes packed in with your faucet.
Glacier Bay®, Pegasus®, and Martha Stewart Living® are in store brand names under which the Home Depot sells faucets. Glacier Bay is Home Depot's name for its mid-range and Pegasus the name for higher end faucet and fixture line that includes sinks, toilets, and bath hardware as well as faucets. There is a lot of overlap between the brands. Martha Stewart Living is a separate collection intended to coordinate with other Martha Steward Living fixtures and accessories, along with linens, lamps, dishware, silverware, towels — you name it.

Home Depot, of course, manufactures not a single faucet. The faucets are sourced from many different manufacturers and merely packaged by Home Depot under one of its in-store brands. As of the date of this review, eight different companies manufacture Glacier Bay and Pegasus faucets including,
Please Note:
We believe this list to be accurate as of the date of this review, but Home Depot changes suppliers almost constantly, and it may be completely out of date by the time you read this.
• L.S.H. Faucet Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer;
• Madgal Glil-Yam, from Israel;
• Long Tai Copper Corp, of Taiwan;
• Hsue Sam Enterprise Co., Ltd., also Taiwan;
• Huayi Plumbing Fittings Industry Co., Ltd. of Guangdong, China which sells its own very good line of CeramBath products in Asia.
This is substantially the same group of companies that manufacture AquaSource faucets for which may be a clue to why the faucets in both stores seem so similar.

Other Home Depot faucets are sourced through a broker located in Mt. Vernon, New York, that imports faucets from China, Taiwan and Korea.

Home Depot Store Brand
Faucet Customer Support
Globe Union Industrial 888-328-2383
Lota Industrial Group 877-580-5682
Paini Spa Rubinetteri 856-881-7890
All Others Call the number in your faucet owner's manual.
We do not guarantee these numbers to be current. If they don't work or you know of any other customer service numbers, please let us know.
In the past many Home Depot faucets were manufactured by but that relationship ended with Price Pfister's acquisition by Stanley Black & Decker and the name change to just "Pfister".

Likewise, A few Pegasus faucets, such as the Arko Pulldown Faucet (shown at top), were manufactured by in the U.S. and Canada.

Post sale customer service has been a huge and continuing problem with these products for a number of years, and does not seem to be getting much better. Home Depot will, of course, replace any defective house brand faucet at any of its stores if, and it's a big if, the product is still stocked. But, getting parts and even installation help seems to be a mystery that would baffle the abilities of a TV detective.

Old Plumber's Trick

Put your faucet and sink paperwork, including receipts, installation instructions and warranties, along with any leftover hardware and special tools, in a plastic bag and tape it to the back of the sink cabinet under the sink.

Even if you forget where it is, your plumber will find it when he or she starts work on your faucet.
There is no central clearing house for replacement parts for Home Depot faucets. The company tried it, and it did not work out, so it was discontinued. Some of Home Depot's faucet suppliers maintain their own central parts source and customer service in the U.S. Both Lota and Globe Union support a large U.S.-based post-sale support organization for warranty service and replacement parts. Paini also supports its Pegasus faucets though its La Toscana customer service, but will not do so for faucets sold after 2017. But we can find no U.S.-based parts support for many of its suppliers. So where a customer gets warranty support and parts for faucets made by Hsue Sam Enterprises or Zoje Kitchen & Bath Co. remains a complete mystery to which Home Depot apparently has no answer.

The quality of the faucets varies widely. At the lower end we see a lot of castings from the zinc alloy, ZAMAK, rather than brass. At the upper end, the faucets are all brass. We have yet to see a stainless steel Glacier Bay or Pegasus. Plastic seems common in the spouts and handles of Glacier Bay faucets, not so much in the Pegasus line.

Valves also vary. All Home Depot store-brand fau­cets have ceramic cartridges, but some are lower end valves and some from good European and Asian suppliers. Any faucet made by Globe Union is likely to include its proprietary ceramic cartridge valve, which is a good one. Lota tends to use Taiwanese valves like Geann or Chinese valves like Sedal, both of which are good valves, maybe not the best, but certainly adequate. So, we don't think valve reliability is likely to be a problem. There also seem to be few complaints about the faucet finishes.

What is usually complained of is leaking, and that can have so many causes that we have no idea if the problem is systemic to a particular manufacturer, or if it is just an average amount of faucet failure combined with great frustration over not being able to figure out how to get parts. Home Depot is certainly not doing itself any favors by allowing this situation to continue for as long as it has.

The written warranty appears to be for the lifetime of the faucet against "leaks and drips", but is silent as to defects in finish and workmanship. Faucet sprayers, are limited to one year. These are usually plastic, and the paltry one year warranty should give you s strong hint about how long Home Depot expects them to last. Warranties appear to vary widely, however, so read the one that comes packed in with your faucet.

We receive a constant stream of horror stories about trying to get warrant service for a Pegasus or Glacier Bay faucet more than a few years old. In most cases, unless the customer saved the materials that came with the faucet, he or she will have no idea where to call for warranty support. In many cases the toll-free telephone number that appeared with the faucet's materials is not longer in use. Calling Home Depot is of no use, no one at Home Depot appears to know how to get warranty parts. So, save the documentation that comes with the faucet (See "Old Plumbers Trick" above).

Pegasus and to a lesser extent, Glacier Bay products are increasingly sold through venues other than those owned by Home Depot. They are offered through Amazon and internet faucet outlets such as Plumbers Surplus. This expansion into new sales venues is in line with Home Depot's efforts to establish Pegasus as a major faucet brand independent of Home Depot Stores. The company already has a number of faucet brands that it sells through on-line faucet and fixture sites including all marketed through Home Depot's subsidiary, Your Other Warehouse, Inc.

China- and Taiwan-made faucets comparable to Glacier Bay, Pegasus and Martha Stewart faucets include If you have had an experience with a Home Depot faucet, — good, bad or indifferent — that you would like to share, please drop us a note or leave a comment below.