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Updated: 01/19/17
Andolini Import Corp.
8578 NW 93 st.
Medley, FL 33166
(786) 509 7362



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Warranty Score: Warranty Stars
(Far Below North American Standard)
Cartridge2 Years
Finishes1 Year
Mechanical parts15 Years
Proof of purchaseRequired

2. Body, spout, hoses, etc.; does not include o-rings which are guaranteed for 1 year.

Read the Andolini warranty. Andolini reserves the right to "inspect the product as installed prior to removal."

This Company In Brief
Andolini is an importer that buys decorative plumbing products, including faucets and showers, from an Italian manufacturer and sells them on its proprietary website and general merchandise venues that host small businesses such as Amazon. Overstock and Wayfair.

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Andolini Import Co. is a Florida corporation chartered in 2014 by Gianluigi Borrelli. It imports Italian made faucets that it sells over the internet through its proprietary website and on general merchandise venues that host small businesses such as Amazon. Overstock and Wayfair.

Its faucet manufacturer is M & Z Rubinetterie, S.p.A.. M & Z designs and manufactures stylish and good quality faucets in its modern factory in Novarese, Italy. Although the designs are original, they are not particularly noteworthy. Close approximations of many M &am; Z faucets are produced by other European and Asian manufacturers, many at considerably less cost.

Andolini's faucets are neither designed expressly for nor unique to Andolini. They are out of its supplier's . The faucets are all contemporary. The single finish available is bright chrome.

Andolini also imports showers and tub fillers that coordinate with its sink faucets.

The company website appears to have been filled in on a template that does not quite fit faucet sales. It's navigation is fairly easy, but the information provided about Andolini faucets is woefully inadequate. Descriptions of most faucets are sparse. Only a single image showing a 3/4 view is available, making it hard to see exactly what a faucet looks like. Often the finish of the faucet is not indicated. Parts diagrams and installation instruction are image files rather than a more common format such as .pdf. To read them, you click on a thumbnail, then move the magnifier over the image. Some are completely unreadable. Links to "Additional Information" and "Size" either do not work or contain no information. Additional Information is where we expect to find detailed specifications, parts diagrams, measured drawings and installation instructions. Measured drawings are particularly important in determining whether a faucet will fit your sink. We did not find a single one.

We grade the website not better than a "C".

Andolini's warranty is weak. The company guarantees its faucets against defents in manufacturing for just five years. Cartridges carry a 2 year warranty and finishes and o-rigs just one year. The standard warranty in North America is a lifetime limited warranty dovering all parts and components. The Andolini warrants is far below the standard.

Customer service gets a better score. We had no problem getting questions answered about the company's faucets. Company representatives were knowledgable about its products. There were very brief wait times before getting to a representative. the company has no Better Business Bureau record, which generally means that the BBB has never received a complaint about the company, but also means that the company has not gone through the vetting required to become a company accredited by the Bureau.

Italian faucets comparable to Andolini that comply with North American standards and are known to be safe, reliable and lead free include
We are continuing to research the company. If you have experience with Andolini faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.