Basic Two-Car Garage Our basic two-car garage shown with optional vinyl siding. Our Basic Garage Package
What's Included?
     • Minimum site clearing and grading up to 6".
     • Floor slab, 4" reinforced concrete over compacted gravel.
     • Kiln dried framing lumber, 2x4 stud walls, 24" o/c, framed, sheeted.
     • Engineered roof trusses specific to your plan.
     • Sheathing - 7/16" OSB for walls, 7/16" OSB for roof.
     • Sill plate - 2x4 pressure (ACQ)treated pine.
     • Windows - double pane white premium vinyl, glider series, c/w Low-E.
     • Exterior doors - steel insulated, as per plan. Insulated garage O/H when applicable.
     • Door casing and liner - finger-joint, primed pine.
     • Roofing - 25 yr. asphalt shingles, choice of styles and colors.
     • Exterior finish - "Tyvekô" or equivalent, panel siding, wood trim.
     • Window moldings - finger-joint, primed. Baseboard--finger-joint, primed.

We build only premium garages intended to last for the lifetime of your home. If you are looking for the lowest cost garage, then we are not your builder. If you want a garage that will give good service year after year, please contact us for an estimate.